About Us


Behind the i-Global Logo

The Game of Chess is a complex one, requiring strategic investment, planning, and creative problem solving. This implies that i-Global forward thinking, with a focus on the whole finance world and long term success. It engages in the world of finance in a competitive way, using various strengths.

The choice of a Queen Chess Piece represents the most flexible/versatile piece in the chess set. It can move in any number of vacant squares in any direction – it’s a powerful piece. It symbolises i-Global adaptability to the changes in the market, adjust its strategies accordingly and occupies a unique place on the market in an advantageous position. The logo is both aesthetically appropriate and conveys positive ideas.

With superior risk management policies casted in stone, i-Global specialized in identifying and investing in opportunities which deliver returns in both rising and falling markets.

i-Global Holdings

i-Global Holdings prides herself as boutique corporate advisory firm specialising in the provision of corporate advisory and management services. i-Global Holdings offers a team of highly motivated professionals across South East Asia, anxious to get familiar with the challenges companies faced and to create the tailor-made solutions that will contribute to her client further development.



To Provide A One-Stop Multi-Faceted Platform for Advisory and Consultancy Services And the Preferred Choice in South East Asia.


Our mission is to emerge as the pioneering consultancy company focusing on building a wide vast of portfolios in strong emerging markets and private acquisitions. Driven by the Company’s dedication to provide strong financial advices and strategies to the market, the Company is committed to deliver highest integrity, honesty, transparency and fairness throughout its board.