From The Desk Of i-Global Management

Rosy global economic growth in 2017 and early 2018 took a downturn in the second half of last year resulted from a series of factors that affected major economies.

Increased trade tensions with the United States and laxed shadow banking regulatory hindered China’s economic growth..

Uncertainty of Brexit and its complication coupled with weakened confidence of consumer and businesses give rise to Europe’s loss of momentum. Widening of sovereign spread leads to the decline in investment in Italy; introduction of environmental control took a hit at Germany’s car production; and external demands from Asia’s development softened.

The trade tension between 2 major economies strained business confidence, triggering the deterioration of general market sentiment.

i-Global’s management team has in-depth knowledge in the corporate advisory and financial services Industry, and is always committed to investing in the people, technology and process to ensure the highest standard of delivery.

The ongoing drive to perform is definitely implanting i-Global brand to be a trusted and one of the most respected financial service providers across all customer segments in Asia Pacific.

The Board of Management

Despite uneven market conditions, i-Global remains steadfast with stringent risk management. Today’s business environment still provides countless opportunities for success.

i-Global Holdings

i-Global Holdings prides herself as boutique corporate advisory firm specialising in the provision of corporate advisory and management services. i-Global Holdings offers a team of highly motivated professionals across South East Asia, anxious to get familiar with the challenges companies faced and to create the tailor-made solutions that will contribute to her client further development.

To Provide A One-Stop Multi-Faceted Platform for Advisory and Consultancy Services And the Preferred Choice in South East Asia.