Corporate Finance

i-Global Holdings offers a complete and customized administration which incorporates an expansive scope of administrations around restructuring, financial matters, capital streamlining, advise and coach innovative companies on their journey toward an IPO.

We support the compilation of business plans, presentations, and documents in order to increase the attractiveness of a company for potential investors/shareholders. As a strategic consultant, i-Global Holdings also assumes the role of a constructive sparring partner. If an IPO isn’t the right step, our Management Consulting group can help identify potential alternatives, including joint venture opportunities, strategic investors, or sale/merger opportunities.

We bolster the accumulation of strategies for success, presentations, and records specific end goal to build the appeal of an organization for potential financial specialists/shareholders. As a niche consultancy, i-Global Holdings additionally accept the part of a helpful competing partner. If any chance that an IPO isn’t the right step, our consulting team can distinguish potential choices, including joint endeavor opportunities, key financial specialists, or deal/merger opportunities.

Initial public offerings will continue to boom in both Australia and Singapore. I-Global Holdings can offer you some assistance with preparing for posting, give advices on the raising of capital, and undertaking the researching bookkeeper and duty counselor part.