Financial Education

In the financial education division, the Company provides financial educational seminars and programs, designed to equip its participants with essential knowledge to understand foreign exchange platforms and processes, trading fundamentals and trends and events affecting the global financial markets, to name a few.

The financial education division encompasses the following key programs:


(a) Forex Training Program

The Forex Training Program is a three-hour free seminar program that provides participants with an overview of foreign exchange platforms and processes, giving participants with entry level skills the ability to:

(i)    identify sound business models with competitive advantages to invest in;
(ii)    analyse the quality of management of listed entities; and
(iii)   undertake financial analysis of listed entities.


(b) The Alchemy Trading Program

The Alchemy Trading Program is a two day learning program designed to teach participants in a six part step-by-step guide on trading fundamentals.  The course also covers various aspects of professional trading, including money management, trading psychology and developing a trading strategy and implementation plan.

Included in the program, and following completion of the two day learning program, participants are provided with six months access to a mentoring workshop at which key management personnel from various organisations including listed Australian companies, brokers and corporate advisory firms provide their experience to mentor participants throughout the year.  Participants are also provided the opportunity to attend regular monthly meetings in order to provide participants with the skills necessary to identify profitable trading opportunities.


(c) i-Global Millionaire Masterclass

The i-Global Millionaire Masterclass (IMM) program is for participants who have completed the Forex Training Program and wish to participate in further educational group offerings.

The three-part masterclass, equips participants with a powerful set of financial competencies and attitudes to optimise and achieve peak financial performance.

At the end of the three-day program, participants can master the tools and techniques to maximise consistent wealth generation and practice the millionaire mindset to achieve their personal goals.


(d) i-Global Singapore Intelligent Investor Summit

The i-Global Intelligent Investor Summit is a guest speaker event that is held annually to discuss major trends and events affecting the global financial markets.  Independent speakers from all over the world are invited to this event to share their investing experiences and ideas with participants.