Investment Services

Investment Management & Administration

i-Global combines its experience, technology, processes and people to deliver a comprehensive investment suite to their clients and provides the following services:

  1. Administration services: including record-keeping, communication, contribution processing, client accounting and statement processing.
  2. Value-added services: including research analysis, management strength, business model, financial health, current market conditions, risk management planning and tools.
  3. Direct investment options: providing investors with the capability to invest in listed securities in regulated jurisdictions.

Listed Securities Investment

i-Global’s investment division of the business focuses on investments in listed securities on regulated securities exchanges. i-Global uses various investment techniques to identify investments in listed securities that have the potential to generate positive returns.

i-Global will employ qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques across a variety of industries to identify investments that meet its investment criteria. i-Global will undertake due diligence on the businesses in which we seeks to assume a security holding position to ensure that there is a real potential for returns.